Apsley Farms’ soil improvers are sustainable by-products of green energy

Our gardening products are certified for organic use by the Soil Association, offering a peat-free and waste-free way of improving soil. Our products are the 100% sustainable by-products of the anaerobic digestion process at Apsley Farms biogas plant in Hampshire, producing renewable energy for up to 8,500 homes

Soil improving mulch

Packed with essential NPK nutrients, our peat-free mulch is highly effective for suppressing weeds, increasing water retention and deterring slugs and snails whilst improving soil structure and health. Delivered in recyclable 730L bulk bags.

Benefits of our mulch:

  • 100% natural and crop-derived
  • Improves soil structure and soil health
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Deters slugs and snails
  • Acts as compost activator
  • Is 100% peat-free
  • Adds organic matter to the soil
  • Is free from plastic and waste, with no synthetics added
  • Reduces the usual garden maintenance
  • Retains water in the soil in dry conditions, reducing the need for watering
  • Use as a top dressing to create a professional finish to your garden
  • Protects plant roots from harsh weather conditions
  • Reduces soil erosion during heavy rainfall
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the garden with the consistent colour and finish

Natural Plant Food 1,000L IBC

Made from plants, for plants! Double your flowers, fruits & vegetables with our liquid feed that’s rich in NPK nutrients. Available as a recyclable and refillable 1,000L IBC with optional extras that include barrel pump, lockable drum tap and waterproof tank cover. Suitable for garden centres, garden landscapers, maintenance companies, nurseries and growers.

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