An impressive range of pumps for all types of ponds

From a small garden pond with a few fish, through to large ponds with a Koi variety, a pump is essential for maintaining a healthy environment whilst enhancing the look of a pond.

Charles Austen Pumps offer a wide selection of submersible or external pumps which are able to run water features, filter systems and aid pond aeration.

Using a uniquely tailored diaphragm material and energy efficient motors, the popular Enviro series of pumps is guaranteed an extended operating life with low power consumption. In addition, its simple and low cost servicing requires only the use of a screwdriver to complete.

Enviro’s durable compact alloy casing prevents signs of degrading and is weatherproof, providing consistent protection against rainy summers and frosty winters. Models from the Enviro line boast flow rates in steps from 30 l/min to 200 l/min.

Charles Austen Pumps also carry a broad selection of accessories for ponds such as chillers, filters, air stones, manifolds and alarms.

ET Pumps

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