Home improvements and even DIY for those who are capable, have never been simpler than with Eva-Last’s range of bamboo composite building materials.

Get all decked out with some tips to help you make light work of your next makeover project:


  1. Choose composite

Aside from saving our precious trees, there’s a reason the pros are choosing composites over natural materials – they are engineered to outperform traditional timber when it comes to installation, maintenance and upkeep. No more sanding, varnishing, painting or pesticides!

Composites are fast becoming the go-to material for the green building industry, offering affordable alternatives to traditional raw materials that are more effective and longer lasting.

Natural fibres such as bamboo, coconut, coir or jute have been used as a reinforcing material in building for centuries. Their natural density, elasticity and strength is enhanced by combining them with recycled plastic polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE).

Eva-Last use bamboo fibres together with recycled plastic polymer compounds to produce advanced sustainable building products that require little-to-no maintenance and are not subject to degradation when exposed to the elements. These hybrid materials are ideal for decks, walkways, and stairways.

Not only do Eva-Last composites look the part, they also provide superior performance characteristics including slip, scratch, stain, fade and moisture resistance. The inherent tensile strength and flexibility of the bamboo fibres ensures dimensional stability while the extruded polymer enhances the biological resistance to pests and susceptibility to UV damage.

Finally, the extrusion process allows for protective capping in realistic tones and textures that maintain their colour fastness over the lengthy lifetime of the product.


  1. Do your homework

Read the installation guides and watch the installation videos, all available on Eva-Last’s website, to ensure you have a good understanding of what is required prior to starting your project.

Before you start construction, select the product most suitable for your project or that meets your designed outcome, design your layout, calculate your required materials, as well as fasteners and accessories, that may be required to ensure you have everything to complete the project.


Be sure that any sub-structure is level and secure and consult a professional for expert advice if required, especially around load serviceability.



  1. Composite materials and systems make DIY simple

Eva-Last’s comprehensive collection of deck profiles, fascia boards, and composite fasteners work together to complete any project with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.

The Eva-Last range of bamboo composite decking available in Pioneer, Apex and Infinity technology options, come in various fashionable fade-resistant colours. To secure a neat finish, complete the look with Hulk fasteners colour-matching top fixing screws and hidden clip systems.

Be sure to use the recommended Hulk fasteners when installing Eva-Last products, to ensure the fasteners last as long as the composite products do.

Whether you’re looking to erect a deck or build a staircase, Eva-Last’s comprehensive collection of bamboo composite decking offer durable, low maintenance solutions just for you.