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Cheaper to buy.  Quicker to build.  No unsightly fixings.  Real timber boards, guaranteed for over 50 years.  This is Grad.

The new Grad decking range from Alfresco Floors is a fast-fit, invisible fixings system that gives you prestigious, high-end results – with significantly less effort than traditional installation methods.  We introduced our Grad decking system to the UK in 2017 and since then most of our decking contracts have used it.  We consider Grad to have three clear advantages over traditional timber decking, which combine to make it the most efficient and effective system we have ever seen in the UK.

Grad’s first advantage is the aluminium support rails on which it sits.  These rails (available in different depths, depending on your load requirements) are designed to rest on height adjustable pedestals – a tried and tested raised floor construction technique, that has proved itself to be fast, strong and reliable on thousands of building sites over the last three decades.  In one stroke, this feature eliminates all the install and maintenance problems inherent to traditional timber sub-frames.

Grad’s second advantage is the unique ‘hidden fixing’ clip system it uses to instantly secure the specially profiled boards onto the support rails.  Other hidden fixing systems we have used still have edge gripping brackets clearly visible in the gaps, whereas with Grad all the clever clip stuff goes on underneath the boards.  Hand pressure will secure each Grad board into place, but then only a specially designed removal tool will enable that board to released.  Crucially, if you do need to change boards after installation, the Grad system will allow you to do so with no damage to the surrounding timber whatsoever.

Finally, the Grad system uses the latest timber technology for its board options.  Currently we supply Thermo-Pine, Thermo-Ash, Kebony and Accoya – all specially machined to take advantage of the instant lock clip system, and all treated and processed to give you rot-free guarantees that don’t just compete with the latest composite materials, but in some cases exceed them by many years.  If you do need a composite option, we do that too.

Finally (and most importantly) what does all this mean to the aesthetics and economics of a commercial decking contract?  The Grad system means that you can now enjoy high-end, high spec, composite or real timber decks – installed with no visible fixings in about half the normal time.  Compared to the best performing composite and hardwood systems, a Grad deck is cheaper to buy, quicker to build and better to look at.

The Grad decking system is available in the UK from Alfresco Floors, who also offer a national installation service.  Email or call us on 020 8977 0904.

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