Adding the finishing touch to your garden features

Watching the Chelsea Flower Show it was noticeable that, within garden design and the wider built environment, the use of statement features is becoming increasingly popular. Structural and feature walls, garden and street furniture, decorative framing, water features, shading and entertaining structures are using contrasting or complimentary colours, textures and forms to add a unique element to the design. Who wants plain old green, black, white or grey in a world of colour?

At Powdertech we have developed a vast range of finishes for metal, embracing a multitude of colour hues and tones, textures and gloss levels. From raw steelwork and fabricated aluminium, to planters, pergolas, solar screens and water features, these durable and environmentally conscious finishes will levitate design to a new level.

PowderLUX® the newest of our ranges brings ‘ageing without the waiting’. Patinated coppers, blackened steel, burnished bronze and soft pastel – finishes that add a new dimension to colour and form. Evolved from the demanding world of architectural powder finishes where toughness and longevity are standard, PowderLUX brings this to the world of urban design.

Evolution™ finishes have an established reputation in construction and can be seen on buildings across the UK. With a wide colour pallet from dark and gritty Sharpened Flint to softer tones of Barley Beer, these finishes have such texture and level of visual detail that you are compelled to touch them and feel the pleasure of the close contact. The most popular “Corten” finishes are inert and can be used in many areas where staining from water induced rust run-off is not desirable. There is no sacrifice of individuality as these crafted finishes will make even the most regular of products into a one-off.

Wood finish (PWF™) is our longest established process with over 20-years in the field. When applied to steel or aluminium fabrications, maybe lighting poles, planters, decking or handrails, or wherever your imagination takes you, PWF offers a low maintenance super-realistic, tough finish. The days of sanding, staining, painting or repairing of rotten woodwork are gone.

Our Stone range is growing in popularity with a move towards lightweight engineering. Long aluminium spans can be constructed with no weight-issues, and our powder coated stone finishes deliver realistic colours and textures.

Rust finishes bring that ever popular ‘industrial appeal’ in their colour and texture. The unusually mellowed or stunningly vibrant (take your pick) shades within the Rust finishes easily elevate ordinary garden and street structures to the extraordinary.

Manufacturing these products? Powder coated finishes are factory applied by Powdertech in our UK facilities. If you are a metalworker, fabricator or manufacturer of one-off or mass-produced garden or urban environment metal products then get in touch and discuss the project with us. We can discuss the options with, including advice on structural design to optimise coating.

Specifying Powdertech finishes? Landscape & Urban designers, architects and specification professionals can access the extensive library of finishes by visiting our website and/or visiting our pages on the NBS website. We know that something in our incomparable range of unique finishes will excite you.

You can download a swatch on our website or on NBS as a BIM objects and add to specification. We can also advise on design, use and appropriate application whatever the environmental conditions, be it rural, urban or marine.  Working alongside the metalworker, together we can bring your vision to reality.

Living with the finishes. The powder coating process does not use heavy metals, CFC’s, volatile compounds (VOC’s), acid etching or age-accelerating processes. There is no chemical run-off, secondary contamination or hazardous waste. It is pet friendly. Coated materials can be recycled easily. Maintenance couldn’t be easier – just wash with water, no need for chemicals or harsh cleaning materials.

All products are designed for long-term retention of colour and gloss, so no fading or chalking.