Addagrip’s Commitment.

At Addagrip, we are committed to enriching communities and fostering sustainable environments through our charitable initiatives. Our dedication extends beyond providing innovative surfacing solutions; we actively pursue opportunities to give back and make a meaningful impact. Each year, we support charitable projects that resonate with our core values of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Transforming Landscape Mishaps into Sustainable Solutions with Stonebound

This charitable project was sparked by a discovery by Lewis from JHB Contractors —a poorly installed Resin Driveway and accompanying Pathway. The situation presented not just an eyesore but also a safety hazard for the family in question.

Technical Redemption and Sustainable Intervention

Our primary goal was not merely to replace but to revolutionise the existing installation with a sustainable approach. After the careful removal and eco-conscious disposal of the previous work, our team set the stage for a product we trust implicitly to perform in both form and function—Stonebound.

In Castle Grey, this Resin solution brings several benefits. It is resilient, maintaining its integrity under various conditions, and is revered for its permeability, a feature that contributes significantly to sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), ensuring that the installation is environmentally sound.

Collaboration: The Keystone of Success

Such a transformation, particularly in the charitable context that amplifies the essence of corporate social responsibility, is never a singular effort. It requires the skills, dedication, and resources of multiple entities, and this project saw indispensable contributions from several quarters.

  1. JHB Contractors: The expertise that JHB Contractors brought to this venture cannot be overstated. They translated the technical specifications of our Stonebound Resin into a flawlessly executed Resin Driveway and Pathway. Their precision, particularly under the observant eye of Lewis—who initially identified this opportunity—ensured the project met the meticulous standards that professionals in our industry demand.
  2. Long Rake Spar: The aggregate was generously provided by Long Rake Spar. The quality of their material was integral, ensuring that the final look was as impressive as its structural integrity.

A Gesture of Gratitude

As Addagrip Terraco reflects on this project, we extend sincere thanks to JHB Contractors and Long Rake Spar. Their partnership was instrumental in turning a charitable cause into a showcase of excellence in landscape remediation. We also express our gratitude to Lewis from JHB, whose proactive approach in identifying this project underlines the significant impacts individuals can have within the larger industry framework.

Conclusion: Setting New Precedents

This endeavour transcends the act of installing a new driveway and pathway. It’s about setting a precedent in our industry—demonstrating that quality, sustainability, and charity can be intertwined beautifully and effectively. We showcased that remedial work doesn’t just fix past mistakes but paves the way for innovative, sustainable standards in landscape design.

To our peers in architecture, building, and related sectors, we share this story as an affirmation of our commitment to quality and as an invitation to continue or initiate your contributions to similar causes. Through such projects, we do more than enhance our professional portfolio—we build a legacy of responsibility, sustainability, and collaborative success.