A Natural Evolution for Metal

If you are looking to embrace the trend to make greater use of natural and earthy materials such as weathered metal, then think  ‘Evolution’.  Evolution ™ is Powdertech Corby’s stunning new range of powder coatings, reflecting the beautiful patinas created on metals as they age and weather.

Rust on iron or steel,  and blue-green verdigris oxidation on copper and bronze are visually attractive and look beautiful in an outdoor setting, but metal in this state is not fit for purpose – it is decaying and losing its integrity.  With Evolution, designers and architects can employ the strength and versatility of metal and celebrate its beauty by protecting it with a coating that not only ensures longevity but reflects how its appearance would evolve over time, in the natural environment. Every Evolution™ finish is unique, with variations in depth of tone as it is applied, replicating authentic variation in nature.

Evolution™ powder coatings offer the best of both worlds; the desired appearance of weathered metal, together with high level protection for your metal – aluminium, galvanized or mild steel.  Unlike Cor-ten steel, the Evolution surface is not affected by water so there is no danger of ­­­water run-off staining surrounding structures and surfaces.  The Evolution process conforms to European Standard EN ISO 12206 and Qualicoat specifications, passing all of the necessary tests for colour and gloss retention, adhesion and durability and has a twenty five year guarantee.

Visit www.powdertechcorby.co.uk/services/colour-library/evolution to view Evolution swatches from our range of seventy-two shades. You may also be interested in our ‘stone’ finishes at www.powdertechcorby.co.uk/services/colour-library/landscape . Swatches can be ordered on line.

pcl@powdertech.co.uk   01536 400890

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