Manor House

Manor House is an up-and-coming plant container supplier for the landscape industry in the UK, with a merged 25 years of experience in premium, sheet metal fabrication. Our designers know our products from start to finish, having worked with various materials from drawing to manufacturing. A once-shared business partnership with an existing leading planter company has culminated in the original team coming together to forge their own journey. With a new, refreshed idea for what the architectural outdoors needs from its décor, this team gives Manor House and its planters the cutting edge that landscaping needs.

Their expertise lies in creating planters that are not only functional but also enhance the aesthetics of a space. They can design planters in any shape or size, from simple squared planters to complex architectural designs. Additionally, they offer the option of incorporating seating, lighting, and other custom detailing to suit specific needs Don’t settle for ordinary planters- Transform your outdoor or indoor space into a lush oasis with Manor House custom-manufactured powder-coated steel planters