image 1 of 1SCH (Supplies) Ltd will be busy filming over the coming weeks. The company, who manufacture estate and garden machinery, as well as sports ground maintenance products and items for the leisure and equestrian sectors, have engaged the services of a professional photo and videographer…

‘Our customers and dealers have asked us to do this,’ says managing director Andrew Rodwell. 

 SCH plan to showcase several of their products in this way, allowing prospective customers to appreciate the detail of the unit they are buying and to see it in action.

‘As a small company manufacturing such a vast range of equipment, we just can’t spare the manpower to travel the length and breadth of the country demonstrating our machinery. Videos are the perfect solution as this allows us to keep operating costs down and in doing so fulfil a need for affordable yet well made goods that are within the reach of everybody.’The videos will be on line soon, and the photograph shows the two SCH apprentices, Sam and Reece, setting the40” lawn care system up ready for filming.

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